Me? I am an author (17 novels – women’s fiction; 1 non-fiction book, and counting).

I am a writer. (Tons of ad and marketing copy for the web, video, print stuff.)

And, I am an adventurer!!

Well, okay, maybe I’m not so much an adventurer, as I am fearful about lots of things. Mice. Snakes. Things that go bump in the night.

I once wrote a scary short story. When I re-read it, I terrified myself so much I had to tear it up. And check the locks on the windows and doors.

So now you know way more about me than you no doubt ever wanted.

Hope you enjoy the blog from this lovely island of Martha’s Vineyard that I now call home!

9 thoughts on “About

  1. An adventurer? Oh yeah! Do I have a few stories to tell your fans. Llike the great adventure on
    night 3 of the citizens police academy in the basement of the town hall while going through a serious scenerio looking for a perp. As I recall we all left that night saying “boy the Jean sure is quite an thrill seeking adventurer”. Me thinks your adventures involve WELL LIT interesting non threatening new experiences that don’t involve critters. (smiling)

  2. I just read this blog … saying you are the author of 17 books … and I stopped … what??? has she written more that I didn’t know about … no way it’s 17 and I grabbed my book list, quickly counting the JS/AD books and sure ’nuff there are 17 of them!! Anxiously waiting new books .. I love your stories, the age of the book subjects, and the descriptions of places around Massachusetts. Tho I may not eagerly await horror books, I will still buy them because of your writing style!

  3. I am so excited to start reading your series and delighted there are second chance romance ! I’m thrilled to discover we are second cousins also! What a beautiful place for writing inspiration….wishing much happiness and health ahead to you!

  4. I am currently reading Vinyard Christmas. Just a note about page 241. It reads ‘Annie had never been in Martha’s Vinyard Hospital, but it WAS hard to miss. Is it supposed to be WASN’T? I am loving this book and will add you my list of Authors to look for more of your books.

    • Oh my gosh, Joyce, I just saw this! Sorry for such a long delay. And thanks for your eagle eye in spotting that typo. You are absolutely RIGHT!! It should have read WASN’T… oh, dear. Years ago my aunt used to have a pad and pen on the arm of her chair whenever she read one of my books. She always made note of any errors she found. Thanks to advances in technology, there are fewer today, but I hate when it happens … especially when no fewer than half a dozen people (including me!) proofed it. Thanks again, though, and keep reading!—jean

  5. I just finished reading A Vineyard Summer and A Vineyard Christmas back to back. I read the summer one first and was happy to find more about the characters in the Christmas book. Love them both! I was just wondering if there would be another book to follow them so we can find out what happens to Francine, Bella and of course Annie and John!! I surely hope so.

    • Thanks for your nice comment, Jane! YES, there are at least two more books in this series that I’m working on now—#3 is about to go to my publisher, but we don’t know the pub date as of now. I’m also starting #4, so that will be later. In the meantime, feel free to check out my earlier Vineyard novels (not part of the series, but still available). You can see the complete list and brief intro about them on my website at jeanstone.com. Thanks again for reaching out—jean

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