Columbus Day on the Vineyard!

If, in October 1492, Columbus had discovered Martha’s Vineyard, here’s what he would have seen: tourists walking slowly through the streets of Edgartown, as if wanting to make the last breath of summer last; anglers lined up at the Fishing Derby Weigh-In, hoping to have the biggest Blue that will win them the pick-up or the boat (not sure what the specifics would have been back then); sweet-toothers in queue at Murdick’s Fudge, placing orders for penuche to have sent home to the aunts and uncles who hadn’t been able to make it to the island for the season. If he (Columbus) was near the beach he no doubt also would have seen the nets and pails of scalloppers – as the season has officially begun!!! (See photo below.) But, no, Columbus went south – he was perhaps fearful of the oncoming winter. Obviously, no one had told him this place is great fun when it’s quiet. Not to mention than the rates are lower. Or that my favorite pub, The Newes, is open year round!

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