Ever wonder how to build a beach?

Take one dump truck.
Fill it up with sand.
Bring it to the water’s edge.
Get a big Tonka truck.
Spread the sand all around.

I have a feeling it’s a little more sophisticated, but from this urban-dweller’s eyes it looks pretty simple. Not sure if it’s needed due to the aftermath of a summer filled with rambunctious beach-goers, or just general erosion (ugh, either way).

Of course, this gets me to wondering where the new sand comes from. Another beach up island? Or is it hauled in from an exotic shore in the Caribbean? The Riviera? Atlantic City? Seems as if it has to come from somewhere. I mean, beach sand isn’t man-made, is it?

Hmm. The questions that come to mind when one apparently has way too much time to ponder out here on Martha’s Vineyard in the middle of the sea.

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