On a Quiet Sunday

IMG_3779I sat down to write my blog today . . . a hopefully clever entry that might help readers smile at my adventures on this magical island. But in these past few days, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to smile about.

I feel so lucky to live on the Vineyard now. I also feel lucky that I have visited Paris; I have been captivated by its people and its places – by its own special magic. Today, like countless, countless people, I am very sad.

As I sat in my living room, looking out onto the deck, I knew I couldn’t post anything humorous . I thought about skipping an entry entirely. How could I be funny? And if I did, who the heck would want to read it? I sat and stared outside, trying to decide what I should do. Then I realized I was staring at this planter whose flowers should be past their expiration data now that summer is long over.

I don’t know who stuck the American flag into the planter. Maybe my landlord had wanted to kick off the season way back on Memorial Day. Or perhaps a summer renter had been celebrating the 4th of July.

Whatever the reason, in the middle of November, on this small hunk of land in the middle of the sea, I realized that even in the darkest times, we, as humans, stick together, fly our flags together, and are reminded to be grateful we are free.

There will be other times to smile, but not tonight, if that’s okay.

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