View from the Chappaquiddick Ferry

The ferry to Chappaquiddick is actually called the On-Time Ferry, and its name serves it well. I love this little boat, which is sort of like a raft with a big motor. It holds up to 3 cars, or two pick-up trucks, or a dump truck and an SUV, or any of configuration thereof, and a dozen or so folks with or without bicycles. The precision with which the captains steer it is to be commended: the current is rapid, they have to dodge the boats coming and going from the inner harbor, and though the crossing is quick, it’s always fun. The only time I get a bit anxious is when my car is the first one on. The captain waves me forward and keeps waving until I am sure I am about to drop into the drink. Then I remind myself he knows what he is doing. Still, once I’ve been told to stop, the only thing separating my Jetta from the water is a length of chain. All I can see over the dashboard is, well, check out the picture. Yikes. Still, I love it. More on my visit to Chappy tomorrow. But first, I have to let you know I got the mouse. Hopefully, his younger brother won’t show up tonight.

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