I Spent the Night at the Clarion

Mice: 3. Me: 1. Okay, so I am a scaredy-cat. (I get that from my mother.) But coming face to face, eye to eye with the 3rd mouse of the night sent me packing. I grabbed my purse, my keys, and the TV remote. (Apparently I didn’t want them watching NCIS reruns on my dime.)

I drove around a while; wound up at the Clarion. They were so nice. They even gave me a complimentary “overnight” toiletry bag. Islanders seem to have a lot of patience for us city-folk. I am so grateful! 

Anyway, the exterminator will be here before noon. Lesson learned: Don’t leave home without your make-up. Or clean underwear. (You’d think my mother would have taught me that as well.)

6 thoughts on “I Spent the Night at the Clarion

  1. Jean I will be happy to send Cocoa our kitty over on the next ferry, I guarantee you will no longer have a mouse, chipmunk, baby possum, squirell, or possibly even skunks left on that island!! She really is Cocoa the killer!!

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