Moneyball Madness

Baseball and Brad Pitt. What’s not to love?

Which was why a couple of friends and I decided to beat feet to the premiere (in Edgartown) of “Moneyball”. First show: 4:15. After, we would go to The Newes to dissect all the good parts of the film.

Imagine our distress when we arrived at the cinema, only to learn that the flight from Boston that was to have “Moneyball” on board had been delayed because of rain. A Rain Delay. Sounds awfully familiar.

We were, however, given “Emergency” free passes, and told to return for a 7:45 show. Hopefully, the film would come via boat instead plane.

So we cooled our heels awhile, went to The Newes for soup, then went back for 7:45. A sign on the door said it all: “The movie never got here.”

Well, boo.

Life on an island isn’t quite perfect, after all. Although we do have those free passes!

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