Talkin’ Trash

It’s not really a Dump. It’s called a Landfill. But, to me, it looks as if it’s really just a holding place for trash to be hauled off-island. Not sure about that. Anyway, It costs $2 for a white bag, $4 for a black, lawn & leaf bag. I’m told some folks have perfected the art of stuffing 3 white bags into one black bag, thereby saving $2. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to do that. Guess it’s one of those island secrets.

When you arrive at the “Landfill” with your white or black bag(s), you pay your $, then drive up to one of these two “windows.” You then toss your bag(s) into a window, where it comes to rest either on a pile of other bags, or on a cement floor if the bucket loader has just removed the day’s haul for parts unknown (or at least, unknown to this writer).

I’d like to think it goes to somewhere exotic like Boston’s North Shore. Imagine my Zone Bar wrappers and empty Chobani cups taking that excursion…crossing the Sound, then the Bourne Bridge, then up the highway to where the Landfill might look more sophisticated. Truth is, though, this one is fine. I should know. After all, I once was wed to a Sanitation Engineer.

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