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IMG_4745I was reading the Travel Section in The New York Times yesterday, and came across the “36 Hours” column, for which they select a city or town (arbitrarily? Don’t know), then show readers all the fun things they can do there in, yes, 36 hours.

Yesterday the column featured music venues, shops, restaurants, “watering holes,” and more in Austin, Texas. A couple of weeks ago, it was Pasadena, California, which, in addition to museums and cultural sights, Rancho Bar was singled out as one of the area’s “divey pleasures.” (A friend knows Rancho well and shared several anecdotes about the place, but I’ll leave those to someone else’s blog, not mine.)

Anyway, of course, I started thinking, “Hey! Why doesn’t someone do a profile about all the things to do on the Vineyard—especially in winter?”

I read about half the paper (I save the rest for mid-week), struggled with the crossword, did some work, made some dinner. Then, while awaiting the finale of Downton Abbey (yes, I watched it again), I went on Facebook. That’s where I found the link (below) to an article in The Boston Globe. It does not mention the activities (book groups, lectures, films, and more) at the libraries all around the island, or the amazing community suppers served each night at one of the churches, but it does applaud The Newes from America in Edgartown, one of my favorite pubs. (I think it’s safe to say The Newes has a somewhat different style than Rancho Bar.)

Anyway, here’s the link the Globe article . . . I hope that now my friends will believe me when I yammer on and on about all the stuff to do and that, NO, the island isn’t “closed” in the winter months.

And please don’t try and figure out what my picture has to do with the article. I simply didn’t know what image to include, as I’d already recycled the Travel Section of the Times.

1 thought on “The Travel Section

  1. Mmmm. I don’t know. I bet The Newes could measure up to the Rancho: it looked like some pretty wild times in that photograph!
    I like that photo of you and think you need to come up with more occasions to use it.

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