Land Ho!

I’ve left the island, heading to America for a bit. I’ve heard there’s less pollen on this side of the water, so stay tuned.

Oh, and as for that aroma of skunk I endured a couple of weeks ago? It turns out that the little guy (or girl…I didn’t get close enough) was living under my deck. Here’s hoping he has relocated by the time I return. And has carted the family off with him.

Until then, may your lazy days of summer be filled with happy reading and include a favorite from my Vineyard collection (brace yourself for another The Summer House_approvedword from our sponsor): THE SUMMER HOUSE!

Summer Reading Alert!

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I now have a number of new readers! Yay! Many have asked about my previous titles, so, if my previous readers will please indulge me, over the next few weeks I’m going to do my own special kind of Throwback Thursday.

Here is one of my summer favorites—TIDES OF THE HEART—that’s all dressed up for easy eBook reading. A classic work of women’s fiction, it, of course, takes place on the fabulous island of Martha’s Vineyard. ItTides of the Heart_approved was a USA Today best-seller and, for some reason we’ve never been able to figure out, it was a huge seller in France.

So . . . welcome to my new readers! If you’re already familiar with my work, don’t miss this one this time around. It’s also available in paperback—published by Random House.

For other of my classic summer tales, check out my website:

We now return to our regular scheduled program.