On the Road Again…

Heading back to the Vineyard in the morning…here is the photo I took from the boat when I left there just before Thanksgiving that, for some reason, I couldn’t upload at the time.

I am looking forward to seeing the harbor one more time…although it was fun to be back at the 99 Restaurant tonight, Wednesday night. There is nothing like a great waitress to make you feel at home. Thanks, Denise!

Ship Ahoy

So I had this bright idea this morning.

I am heading off-island for Thanksgiving visits, and thought it would be cool to take an early morning shot of the harbor. It always looks so neat just before dawn, with tiny lights of fishing boats gliding across the water and day workers deboarding the ferry from the Cape with their lunch bags and tool boxes.

I didn’t expect the fog would have rolled in during the night.

What you see is, unfortunately, what you get. Or rather, what I get, for trying to fool Mother Nature.

Anyway, once I was on (it’s a smaller boat, Nantucket, this morning – thankfully, I was early so I didn’t have to tuck my car between cement walls, a fate that often happens to little cars like mine), daylight (not the sun) was peeking through, so I took a picture of Vineyard Haven harbor from the top deck, and also a quick one inside the lounge so you could see what life is like between here and there, the Vineyard and the mainland.

Unfortunately, my browser isn’t uploading more than one pic today. Perhaps it’s due to the free WiFi on the ferry. Argh! Sorry.

Happy Thanksgiving to all – I’ll return to blogging Friday, Dec. 2nd. And if you’re headed out of town, drive, fly, or ride safely!

To Arms, To Arms!





To enter the historic village of Edgartown, you will pass by Cannonball Park. I’m not sure if that’s the official name, but folks call it that. If you look at the pics, I’m sure you’ll see why.

It’s a lovely little park. There is flagpole and an obelisk memorial to World War II veterans. There are a couple of cannons. And, then, there are the cannon balls.

I’ve decided that the cannon (and the balls) are the graphic reminder of earlier times, perhaps when Edgartonians needed to fight off those nasty British (alas, some of my ancestors) who were rapidly sinking their whaling ships.

But if you look closely, you might see what bothers me. The cannon balls are pyramided together, creating a shape that seems more concrete than balls. Hmm.

All of which, I find concerning.

What if the town again is under siege? Who’s going to shout out the battle cry to pump up the cannons? And what will that cry be? “Help! Someone has super-glued the balls! We can’t fight back! We’ll be overthrown!”

Well, anyway, that’s something I’ve been pondering. Yes, I know. I have way too much time on my hands.

A Tree Grows…and Grows…on South Water St.

 It’s kind of a gray day, but I wanted to share this pic of the pagoda tree on South Water St.

Okay, so it’s a tree. But it’s no ordinary one.

It’s actually been here since 1837, when it was brought from China to Edgartown in a flower pot.
I did the math: that’s almost 175 years ago.

Imagine all the things this tree has witnessed – and survived: Hurricanes! Snowstorms! Tourists!

It’s believed to be the oldest of its species alive and well in North America today.

And, yes, it’s been trimmed more than a few times, and, from what I’m told, propped up here and there. In springtime, its buds are a sure sign of on-going, healthy growth; in summer its shade is welcome. In autumn it is beautiful; and in winter it stands tall and, well, not exactly straight, but at 175, I suppose few things do.

Anyway, in these days of here-today, gone-tomorrow, sometimes I think it’s cool to check out things that are just, well, solid.

Prettier than Fiction

No, this is not where I am staying.

But it is an amazing house…right on North Water Street in Edgartown – yes, that’s the harbor peeking on the side of the backyard.

It reminds me of Jill’s house (PLACES BY THE SEA, OFF SEASON), which, of course, I made up.

Or did I?

Anyway, this is indicative of the gorgeous, white, sea captains’ houses in the historic whaling village, complete with a famous widow’s walk on the roof. (Note: I’ve learned that a gloss white, oil-based paint is the norm for the exteriors of the Edgartown houses.)

Now for the good news: this one has a sign in the window reads: For Rent.

So if you’re looking for a great “cottage” for that summer vacation, look no further. This is the real deal.

Excitement at the Chappaquiddick Ferry

It was an interesting day. I was headed to Chappaquiddick for the Book Club meeting, which was to be complete with wonderful cider, pound cake, apple kuchen, and jellies and jams (2 of the women are cleaning out their refrigerators, getting ready to leave the island for the winter).

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Because the meeting starts at 10:15, I left my place at 9:15. I am staying a five-minute walk from the ferry, so one might think you could swim to Chappy faster. ☺

In the mornings, however, there’s always a good line due to construction workers and the smaller On Time ferry that I’ve mentioned before.

I was right: there was a line, but not too long. I expected to reach the (other) island early, which would be great. I could spend some time exploring!

I took my place behind a dump truck that had a small bulldozer on a trailer that was hitched to the back.

Turning off my engine, I surveyed the line: several pick up trucks and panel trucks driven by handsome young Brazilians. One of the drivers was singing what sounded like a beautiful ballad in Portuguese. (I thought it was a love song, and that he must have a lucky girlfriend.)

We waited. Every few minutes we moved up a little. I kept checking my watch. Plenty of time.

Until…until it nearly was my turn. And someone decided that the truck in front of me had to remove the bulldozer. Apparently the small ferry couldn’t hold both the dump truck and the bulldozer simultaneously.

A flurry of activity ensued. One of the workers started up the dozer, backed it off the ramp. There seemed to be some confusion about what to do with it. Several minutes later it was decided the dozer would cross to Chappy without its truck or trailer.

But wait! The story does not end there! (It’s really getting exciting, no? Okay, bear with me.)

The dump truck crossed sans dozer. We were next! The earthmover and me! For some reason, though, it took an extra long time for the unloading and reloading process on the other side. Finally, the ferry began its trek back toward Edgartown and us.

Then everything went really weird. The On Time headed south (which is not unusual to compensate for the strong current). Then it spun around. Not kidding it spun around.

I gulped. I began to reconsider my commitment to the Book Club.

Finally the On Time reached the dock. And the vehicles backed off the boat. “Oh, man,” I thought. “I can’t back up straight. If I have to do that, I am toast.”

Before I could change my mind, the dozer was ambling toward the ferry and I was being waved on. Yikes.

Long story short, I made it. I did however, unclip my seatbelt and rolled down my windows. If they were going to spin this thing I was going to be ready for a swim.

I did not need to worry. Turns out the spinning was because one of the trucks that boarded on the “other side” had needed to back off for a technical reason. I have no idea what the further explanation was. Anyway, there was no spinning on my trip.

I was, however, late for the Book Club meeting.

Literally speaking…

So I was off-island yesterday, and I simply had to stop in Woods Hole before getting back on the ferry and take a picture of this sign. It is my very favorite one in this whole, entire, lovely world.


In truth, if you take your “next left” and keep going, you’d better have on your water wings, because you’ll run smack into Vineyard Sound.



Since I first noticed that sign years and years ago, it has amused me. Not because I’m a literary snob (hardly), but because I’d like to think that someone in the State Highway Department has a very cool sense of humor.

Have a great day – it’s another gorgeous one out here on the island!

Old Scarecrows Never Die…

….they just go to Mansion House in Vineyard Haven!
The scarecrows were collected from all over the island and are now lined up on the front porch of this inn…what fun. Truly a creative success for all those Charter School kids who were part of the project. Congrats to all!

P.S. This was posted on Sunday afternoon…please think of it as my Monday entry, because I have LOTS to do in the morning! 🙂

Lunch – YUM

No Fast Food chains on the Vineyard…YAY!!!

I drove to Vineyard Haven to check out the line up of Halloween scarecrows (more about that next time), and along the beach road, there was this sign at Net Results (great seafood place).
Crab Cake sandwich? Like the poor little crab, I was hooked.

It was only 10:00a.m., but I stopped.
Ate my lunch at 10:15.
Worth every bite.
With a slice of tomato, a little lettuce, and a dash of secret sauce.
Not to mention the price.

Life on an island………Ahhhhhhhhh.

It’s not a Picture Post Card

Honest, I took this shot myself. With my iPhone. My OLD iPhone.

You are looking at the magnificent Gay Head Cliffs, up island, in Aquinnah, where I took the west coast folks yesterday. It was a bit breezy (think mistrals), but so, so beautiful.

The cliffs are a national landmark (I think they should be the 8th Wonder of the World). They’re made of clay, and the colors actually change with the light and the season. Magnificent striations of gold and silver are threaded throughout. Sometimes, from atop this viewing perch, you can see quick reflections if the sun hits them just right. Yesterday, alas, it did not, but no matter.

The cliffs are part of the Wampanoag Tribal lands, and no matter how often I go there, I can always find inspiration.

For those of you STILL without power, I am posting this today to help remind you that nature can do good stuff, too!!!