It’s not a Picture Post Card

Honest, I took this shot myself. With my iPhone. My OLD iPhone.

You are looking at the magnificent Gay Head Cliffs, up island, in Aquinnah, where I took the west coast folks yesterday. It was a bit breezy (think mistrals), but so, so beautiful.

The cliffs are a national landmark (I think they should be the 8th Wonder of the World). They’re made of clay, and the colors actually change with the light and the season. Magnificent striations of gold and silver are threaded throughout. Sometimes, from atop this viewing perch, you can see quick reflections if the sun hits them just right. Yesterday, alas, it did not, but no matter.

The cliffs are part of the Wampanoag Tribal lands, and no matter how often I go there, I can always find inspiration.

For those of you STILL without power, I am posting this today to help remind you that nature can do good stuff, too!!!