A Tree Grows…and Grows…on South Water St.

 It’s kind of a gray day, but I wanted to share this pic of the pagoda tree on South Water St.

Okay, so it’s a tree. But it’s no ordinary one.

It’s actually been here since 1837, when it was brought from China to Edgartown in a flower pot.
I did the math: that’s almost 175 years ago.

Imagine all the things this tree has witnessed – and survived: Hurricanes! Snowstorms! Tourists!

It’s believed to be the oldest of its species alive and well in North America today.

And, yes, it’s been trimmed more than a few times, and, from what I’m told, propped up here and there. In springtime, its buds are a sure sign of on-going, healthy growth; in summer its shade is welcome. In autumn it is beautiful; and in winter it stands tall and, well, not exactly straight, but at 175, I suppose few things do.

Anyway, in these days of here-today, gone-tomorrow, sometimes I think it’s cool to check out things that are just, well, solid.