Ship Ahoy

So I had this bright idea this morning.

I am heading off-island for Thanksgiving visits, and thought it would be cool to take an early morning shot of the harbor. It always looks so neat just before dawn, with tiny lights of fishing boats gliding across the water and day workers deboarding the ferry from the Cape with their lunch bags and tool boxes.

I didn’t expect the fog would have rolled in during the night.

What you see is, unfortunately, what you get. Or rather, what I get, for trying to fool Mother Nature.

Anyway, once I was on (it’s a smaller boat, Nantucket, this morning – thankfully, I was early so I didn’t have to tuck my car between cement walls, a fate that often happens to little cars like mine), daylight (not the sun) was peeking through, so I took a picture of Vineyard Haven harbor from the top deck, and also a quick one inside the lounge so you could see what life is like between here and there, the Vineyard and the mainland.

Unfortunately, my browser isn’t uploading more than one pic today. Perhaps it’s due to the free WiFi on the ferry. Argh! Sorry.

Happy Thanksgiving to all – I’ll return to blogging Friday, Dec. 2nd. And if you’re headed out of town, drive, fly, or ride safely!