130 Voices

Confession: I wanted to go to the Island Community Chorus’ Holiday Concert Saturday night in order to hear the legendary acoustics inside the Old Whaling Church.

Result: Holy moly. Not only are the acoustics wonderful, but so was the chorus!

I was aware that, in order to be in the chorus all anyone needs to do is show up. No tense auditions. No nervous stomachs. No fear of being judged by others who surely will know they have a more beautiful voice than yours because, of course, they don’t hear you singing in the shower.

As with most things on the Vineyard, this chorus is all about community. People coming together, neighbors having fun, working hard, all reaching for the best result possible with the hopes they can at least stay in the right key.

They did. They were amazing. They’ve been doing this for 16 years now…all 130 lined up on risers sweeping the altar…all sounding as if they sing together every day instead of only 3 concerts a year. What a treat. (Speaking of treats, the goodies downstairs after the concert were pretty inspiring, too.)

Best of all, I did the math. 130 voices. About 200 packing the pews. Add to that 2 of my friends who I knew had been unable to attend…and this tells me that at least 332 people will be on the island this winter. Who says this place is only for tourists?