Reason #14,327

churchOkay, so here’s Reason #14,327 why I moved to the Vineyard: simplicity.

As most of us know, it’s the holiday season. And though we don’t have a Mall or a Target of even holiday versions of McDonalds’ milkshakes (if they have them, and my old marketing sense tells me they must!), we definitely have the spirit.

Everywhere you go on the island, you are aware of the scent of freshly cut evergreens. Everywhere you go you see sprigs of holly and little trees made of boxwood. You see signs for church fairs and crafts fairs and plates full of homemade cookies in the libraries and shops. You see festive lights along town streets and signs for the Red Stocking Fund that helps provide gifts for island kids.

This is a photo of a church in West Tisbury…note the green wreaths with red bows…see what I mean about the simplicity? A few bells, but no whistles. Holiday spirit without the glitz. It’s infectious, it really is.

Of course, this coming weekend will be “Christmas in Edgartown,” complete with the lighting of the lighthouse, special shopping, carolers, and, yes, more cookies (and hot chocolate). And, don’t forget the parade! I’m hoping that again this year Santa will arrive in a Coast Guard Life Boat on wheels. Hope to see you all there!

Pretend it’s a Plate of Brownies

Remember the brownies I didn’t bring to the potluck in Chilmark last Saturday?
Well, last night I went to hear an author talk at the Ag Hall in West Tisbury. Admission was $5 or a dessert. I made the brownies. (Forgot to take a picture, though.)

As always, the attendance was incredible…maybe 150 people in the hall to hear the author of SIGSSINGHURST, the story of a castle in England that has been trying to come back to its former greatness. It was fabulous.. And, once again, I am amazed at how Vineyarders will go out, even on a dark and stormy night like last night, to support these kinds of cultural things.

Not to mention that I’m glad the brownies are at last out of my kitchen.